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Anarchy or Responsibility - ebog

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Anarchy or Responsibility - ebog

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211,25 DKK


"This book is meant to spark a discussion about the need for cultural responsibility.

Art and culture has to make its way back into the center of society and success is the responsibility of everyone. A main ambition of writing this pamphlet has been to place the societal value of art and culture back on the agenda, and to change the rather close-minded understanding of the usefulness and market value of art that has dominated within later years. I believe that art and culture possess a value that largely extends beyond mercantile gains. But to achieve this value it is absolutely necessary that art, culture and the artists redefine themselves, their possibilities and - not least - take on a responsibility to ensure that their art also gains societal value."

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Forfatter Christian Have
Udgivelsesdato 06/11/2015
På lager fra 30/10/2015

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