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Denmark, a Powerhouse of Robotics and Automation - Ebog

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Denmark, a Powerhouse of Robotics and Automation - Ebog

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99,00 DKK


In the last 10 years, Denmark has built up a successful robotics and automation industry that has caught the attention of global markets. In a short time, the country has become a powerhouse for robotics development and automation innovations.

But how did a small country with just six million inhabitants achieve this? What do Danish companies know about robotics that sets them apart? What is unique about the ecosystem they operate in and how are they organized? How do Danish companies compare to their peers around the world? And what does the future hold for the Danish robotics industry? These are the questions the authors of this book will attempt to answer.


Translated by Rikke and Bill Fryman

Yderligere information

Forfatter Carsten Steno og Malene Grouleff
Udgivelsesdato 03/04/2020
På lager fra 30/03/2020

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